Current Work

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Building no. 25: oil on wood 5 x 4 in. sold Fire house: oil on canvas 18 x 20 in. Side street: oil on canvas 16 x 20 in.

It's too late you are here: oil on wood 6.5 x 5 in. Do not use this building: oil on wood 7 x 5 in. Run while you can: oil on wood 7 x 5 in. In loving memory: oil on paper 7 x 5 in.

House no. 28: oil on paper 4 x 6 in. House no. 42: oil on paper 4 x 6 in. House no. 51: oil on paper 4 x 6 in. House no. 56: oil on paper 4 x 6 in.

We lived on the same street: oil on wood 10x8 in. That was my house: oil on wood 10x8 in. The old neighborhood: oil on wood 10x8 in. Corner store: oil on wood 12 x 12 in. I used to live there: oil on wood 12 x 12 in.


My paintings of abandoned buildings explore the state of stagnancy. Having lived in the same city for most of my life. I have passed certain vacant buildings often on my way from one place to another. After a time I began to appreciate that these buildings, now deserted and forgotten, were once places that served their former inhabitants a purpose.

What fascinates me about these buildings is that despite their stagnant state, some kind of life in them still exists. I came to realize these abandoned structures are like patients in a coma who do not have a voice. With no one to stand up for them, they have been left to decay; their fate is to either be demolished by time, or else be revived through restoration.

Through my paintings, I am attempting to give these abandoned and neglected places a new voice and recognition. Perhaps through painting them they will be given a second life; and by presenting their various states of decay from a different perspective, they might be given a longer thought.

All Images Copyright Amita Sen Gupta